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Storm Warriors is a television show that follows the real life adventures of Bill Ford and his wife, Danielle and their two children Cori and Noah as they track the most violent weather events on earth. They are joined by veteran storm trackers, Mike Casey and Mike Prendergast and together they seek to warn, assist and restore communities in the path of nature’s fury.


Each episode will feature the thrill of the hunt, but also the human triumph and tragedy associated when a killer tornado blows through. Learn important survival tips on how you can become a Storm Warrior for your family and community.

No one should ever die from a tornadoTM


Storm Warriors Bill Ford image

Bill has been tracking tornadoes and helping with disaster relief for three decades.  Growing up in the plains of Kansas instilled the awe of the powerful forces of extreme weather events.   Read More…

Storm Warriors Mike Casey image

Mike lives by the motto, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail!”  He carries that motto into all aspects of his life. He believes that we are ALL created in the… Read More…

Storm Warriors Cori Ford image

Notoriously known for being terrified of severe weather, Cori was the daughter who would ‘storm’ into her parents’ room at the very first clash of thunder. Although her dad had been… Read More…

Storm Warriors Mike Pendergrast image

Born and bred in Texas, Mike first gained a fascination with all things extreme weather when he experienced the power of a Category 3 Hurricane Alicia in 1983 as the eye wall passed… Read More…

Storm Warriors Danielle Ford image

Romance blossomed for this seasoned Storm Warrior in the early years of tracking storms with husband, Bill Ford.  Danielle remembers the only technology was a police scanner radio… Read More…

Storm Warriors Noah Ford image

At the age of ten years old Noah experienced the devastating power hurricane Rita that rocked the Gulf Coast causing over twelve billion dollars in damages and killing over 120 people.  Read More…

Storm Warriors SAR Puppy image

On December the 7th, 2015 a new addition was born into the Storm Warrior family.  She comes from a long line of pure bread German Shepard champions. As a Storm Warrior… Read More…

She is working hard on her training now.

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Tornado Safety Tips

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Storm Warriors™ and our friends at Storm Guard have prepared a valuable list of tips that will help you stay safe when there is a threat of a tornado.