Noah Ford


At the age of ten years old Noah experienced the devastating power hurricane Rita that rocked the Gulf Coast causing over twelve billion dollars in damages and killing over 120 people. He was part of a team that came behind the storm. He was among the first responders and witnessed first-hand the enormous power that these storms produce.


Since that time he has become passionate about being part of storm tracking and is part of teams deployed for disaster relief from tornados and flooding. Noah’s passion is to help the communities and families affected by these storms by being there when disaster strikes. Noah states, “This is why I track as a part of the Storm Warriors team so that I can be the first on the scene in the event people are in need of immediate help.”


Noah is 20 years of age and is a college student in Weatherford, Texas with plans to attend a meteorology school in the fall of 2017. Noah believes that awareness and education is what will save lives and by helping give advanced warning through the prediction of a storms arrival will help us save lives.

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    Lightning Crawler


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    Mississippi Tornado 2015


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    Rita Rescue

    In September of 2005 when I was 10 years old, Rita, a category 5 hurricane, devastated the gulf of Mexico and changed the course of my life. I can remember us loading up our RV in preparation to follo...

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