Danielle Ford



Romance blossomed for this seasoned Storm Warrior in the early years of chasing storms with husband, Bill Ford.  Danielle remembers the only technology was a police scanner radio and an occasional update on the AM dial from local weather stations.  She and Bill would drive through the countryside of North Texas seeking the thrill of the illusive rotating clouds that would mesmerize them every spring and early summer.


Now Danielle joins the team that includes not only her husband, veteran storm tracker Bill Ford, but also two of her sons and her youngest daughter.  She continues to chase for different reasons now although the thrill of the extreme weather events still makes her heart race.  She packs healthy snacks and never lets the team leave without a prayer huddle to claim the supernatural protection the Lord provides.


With all the technology that has come about to help track storms, navigate the roadways, and alert the communities, Danielle finds that they need her more than ever to help with all the devices that must be kept up to date and running to insure a successful tracking excursion.


Danielle has a passion for family and since most of hers enjoys chasing after tornadoes, she joins them. But, when she is not preparing, joining, or maintaining the chase team and technology, she focuses on how to coach and encourage other families to live an adventurous, courageous, and abundant life by sharing God’s purpose for family and how to discover His unique vision for their family.

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Danielle Ford

Fun Facts:


  • What is your favorite food? I love the next outrageously healthy recipe I find, and if the family doesn’t say, “Well, we have tried worse.” I count it as a success!
  • Favorite place on earth? With my family…..wherever they are.
  • What makes you cry? My family – when they hurt, I hurt. I have also been known to get a little sappy over Hallmark movies.
  • What makes you laugh? My family – when they are happy, I am happy. Although I make myself laugh many times throughout the day.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? I strive for the “Mother of the Year” award every year. Once I made it to February before being disqualified.
  • Who is the most famous person you’ve had dinner with? Well, I got invited into a Cigar Bar by Jim Belushi once. But for dinner, that would be … my family.
  • If you could do one thing over what would it be? I would have a bigger …..family. But, for the most part, I appreciate the way all the ups and downs of my life have turned out.


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