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Storm Warriors believe that “No one should ever die from a tornado.™” This sounds like a bold statement, and it is, but through proper education, this can become a reality. Storm Warriors bring many years of first-hand storm experience to local communities, groups, companies and organizations to teach ways to stay safe when the storm clouds grow.


The warriors teach “When Every Second Counts Know Where to GO!™” Training includes how to make a GO Plan, how to identify a severe storm visually, understanding how to read radar, how and when tornado sirens are activated and what to know before they are activated, as well as special training for local officials and first responders.


Destructive Powerful Tornado

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  • February Tornadoes

    You wouldn’t think February would be a big tornado month.  But I have chased 2 EF4 tornadoes in the month of February.  One in Lone Grove, OK. in 2009 and the other one in Hattiesburg, MS. in 2013.  T...

Tornado Safety Tips

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Storm Warriors™ and our friends at Storm Guard have prepared a valuable list of tips that will help you stay safe when there is a threat of a tornado.