29 Aug What Do You Need?

The blank look that met me through the rolled down window of an SUV that looked like it had been through the Demolition Rally at the county fair struck me with hurricane force. As this young mother pulled into the lane where we were dispensing toiletries, baby supplies, food, and water, I asked, “What do you need?”  She looked weary and the children in the back carseats were barefoot and disheveled. There was much need.  This young family had survived one of the most catastrophic storms to ever hit the Texas coast and they were not sure what was happening.  I began to suggest items like water, diapers, and some Nutella crackers when the mother finally became alert.  She caught my gaze as I picked up a box of rather personal supplies and motioned her about placing it into the box I was preparing for her.  She said, “How did you know?” and I explained that I didn’t but that since it was the last supply of its kind, I thought I would make the offer.  She broke down and sobbed. She was in shock and needed a bit of small talk to calm and collect her raging emotions.  We spoke of things her kids liked and disliked, joked a bit that they might even try mixed veggies if they were hungry enough.  I told her that God loved her and cared for her and her family.  She drove off with boxes of supplies they would need but what mattered most is that she received a measure of hope that could carry her and her children through the next weeks of recovery.

Storms are an equalizer of mammoth proportion.  Hurricane Harvey did not care if you were minimum wage earners unable to cover fuel expenses to run from the coastal deluge or if you were entrepreneurs with expensive assets you were unwilling to leave unattended; if you happened to be on the Texas Coast when it made landfall, you were going to need help. You were going to be without necessities along with everyone else in your neighborhood or town.  That is what we experienced as we responded to the areas affected on Saturday.  There was such great need.

Many local churches and businesses from our home base in Parker County, Texas, had donated items that needed to be delivered and we as the StormWarriors team were blessed to be the ones able to deliver them.  The hard part was that after only two short hours we were depleted of all the supplies we had.  We are going to return to the ravaged areas of Aransas Pass, Port Aransas, and Rockport, Texas and are asking for your help.  These towns are long from recovery. They will be without power for weeks.  Please consider a donation to help us, help them.  We have partnered with the Warrior’s Heart a 501(c)3 organization that is part of C2Family. You can donate directly though that portal and the funds will be used to help as many families as possible.


Thank you for helping us bring a message of hope to many, many more families.

It is a Warrior’s Heart that sees a need and responds with a message of hope.  That message, accompanied by meeting tangible needs, will encourage  true restoration to begin.  Thank you for your help.

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