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12 Feb
Overcoming the Top Five Reasons for not Purchasing a Storm Shelter

Here are the top five reasons why families in don’t have tornado shelters -- After violent storms have destroyed homes and business in every state in the USA, one would think more families would have invested in storm shelters for their safety. Each year as communities and new home developments take over more and more of what was rural land, tornadoes...

29 Aug
What Do You Need?

The blank look that met me through the rolled down window of an SUV that looked like it had been through the Demolition Rally at the county fair struck me with hurricane force. As this young mother pulled into the lane where we were dispensing toiletries...

24 Jun
Have You Ever Seen A Thunderstorm Spin?

Have you ever heard the term a "rotating" supercell thunderstorm? All tornadic supercells will rotate, but not all rotating supercells produce tornadoes.   Just by looking at a rotating supercell thunderstorm, you can tell it's different than the normal thunderstorms you see in the summer.   You know, those that offer a brief respite of rain over your parched lawn, then...

11 Apr
Enhanced Risk

Notice in the image that the enhanced risk area had the potential to impact almost 10 million people! On December 26, 2015, we woke up to an enhanced risk of severe storms that potentially could produce tornadoes in our area and east of the Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex. It really wasn’t what we were expecting that morning because up until then,...

Tornado Safety Tips

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