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12 Dec
2017 – We are All About Restoring Families

Many of you know we have been helping families out of the storms of life through our books, blogs, website, speaking and conferences. What you may not know is that our family is also a part of the StormWarrior Team whose mission is to Warn, Assist and Restore families who have been affected by both physical and natural disasters. Most of...

16 Sep
All the Way from Scottsdale

So many supplies and provisions were donated to help the families affected by Hurricane Harvey: none were more precious than these two pallets delivered in person by a widow who drove sixteen hours on her own to ensure her gift was delivered. Here is the story as told by Stacie Webb, the one blessed to be at the church when...

Tornado Safety Tips

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Storm Warriors™ and our friends at Storm Guard have prepared a valuable list of tips that will help you stay safe when there is a threat of a tornado.