03 Jun Storm Warriors on Fox News – Lubbock, TX


A storm chasing family from Weatherford were in Lubbock Wednesday emphasizing severe weather safety.

Bill Ford, his wife Danielle and their children call themselves the “Storm Warriors.”

The team travels in a specially-equipped vehicle that helps them help others.

Their mission includes warning, assisting and restoring communities in the path of storms.

Ford says being weather-aware can save your life.

“It’s inconvenient not to die from a tornado,” he said. “You may have to pull off the road three or four times a year or you may have to find shelter three or four times a year. But that one time that you do and something happens, you’re going to be really glad that you do. So you’ve got to use real wisdom in severe weather, even in flash flooding events like we’re having.”

Storm Warriors recently filmed a pilot for a TV series in the works.

For more information, visit their website: www.stormwarriors.tv/

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