23 Jan “Make No Little Plans Here”

When I first visited Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, I was captivated by many things that I still cherish today. However, what stood out to me the most was the motto that is woven into the very fabric, vision, and mission of ORU – “Make No Little Plans Here”. This bold statement reads proudly as the campus slogan and is engraved into the hearts of each student as they are encouraged to embrace this as part of their God-given destiny. This was not a university for small plans, and in being called here, I knew the Lord would require no less from me.

I was prepared to make big plans while I was at ORU, but when my dad first came to me and told me about how he believed we could bring a message of hope and redemption to communities through warning, assisting, and restoring families through Storm Warriors, it seemed like a lofty goal. How are we, just one family, supposed to have an impact that would resonate throughout our culture? But my dad is not one to make “little plans”, and with ORU’s motto in mind, how could I not believe that our family adventure can help other families live differently in God’s restoration power? God gave us a vision, and when we courageously pursued it, He fulfilled every promise.

Now, a year later, there have been many opportunities for us to encourage families in the restoration process. Recently, while on a storm chase in Mississippi, we came across damage from an EF-2 Tornado that had ripped a path through parts of a small town called Mount Olive only a few minutes from where we were. We arrived expecting to spend most of the day clearing debris from the highway, but we were pleasantly surprised to see local families come out in their four-wheelers, tractors, and vehicles to aid in the effort. It was an overwhelming experience to witness this little community come together and help each other in this great time of need.

Many times, this is exactly what we get to be apart of when we leave to chase storms and help families. As Storm Warriors, we chase storms so that we can be at the right place at seemingly the wrong time in order to help families in their greatest time of need. We go into the storm so that we can bring a message of hope to each family we encounter.

Every aspect of my journey with Storm Warriors as well as at ORU has been highlighted with God’s supernatural ability to do big things in the seemingly insignificant. Now, “Make No Little Plans Here” is a part of everything I pursue. I know each of us were created to impact the world and make a difference in the lives of others. The Storm Warriors and I have big dreams, and I hope you do as well.

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