03 Feb
Friday Flashback – December Monster

Welcome to the first in a series of "Friday Flashback" posts from past Storm Warriors Storm chases. We've been asked before, when is "tornado season"?  While the answer you'd expect to hear is "spring time", which does have the most amount of tornadoes, the truth is tornadoes can happen any time of year if the ingredients are right.  This was such...

24 Jun
Have You Ever Seen A Thunderstorm Spin?

Have you ever heard the term a "rotating" supercell thunderstorm? All tornadic supercells will rotate, but not all rotating supercells produce tornadoes.   Just by looking at a rotating supercell thunderstorm, you can tell it's different than the normal thunderstorms you see in the summer.   You know, those that offer a brief respite of rain over your parched lawn, then...

03 Jun
Storm Warriors on ABC in Lubbock, TX

The Storm Warriors rolled into Lubbock Wednesday and spoke with EverythingLubbock.com about their suggestions for South Plains residents this storm season. ...

23 Apr
Storms are Coming – Be Ready!

More than 10 million people are in the path of this potentially huge outbreak. Know Where to GO!™ - Be prepared! Watch this important video and SHARE IT!...

20 Apr
Storm Warriors™ featured on Eye Opener CW33

Severe weather events, like tornadoes, are dangerous and frightening, but that doesn't stop Bill Ford, his family and the rest of the Storm Warriors from driving straight towards them. No, they're not crazy -- they're trying to learn as much about these forces of nature as possible, all so we can save lives when these devastating storms do hit. Accompanied by...

14 Apr
Bill Ford Story

Bill Ford's life took a dramatic turn in May of 1999 when he witnessed the devastation of an EF 5 tornado and felt helpless...

08 Apr
Search & Rescue Puppy’s Name Announced – Meet Rayne!

Meet Rayne! Her name means "Ray of Hope." Thanks to Facebook follower Anita Campbell for the name suggestion! We announced the name this morning on ABC's Good Morning Texas. Rayne and her handler will do Search and Rescue training for the next 2 years to get her prepared to help us out in the field! She will have regular blog...

07 Apr
Storm Warriors on GMT

Bill Ford, Cori Ford, Mike Casey, Mike Prendergast and our search and rescue puppy were featured guests on ABC's Good Morning Texas on WFAA Channel 8, Dallas Texas....

07 Apr
Storm Warriors on CBS Channel 11

Bill Ford, Cori Ford, Mike Casey and our search and rescue puppy were featured guests on CBS 11, Dallas Texas....

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