12 Feb
Overcoming the Top Five Reasons for not Purchasing a Storm Shelter

Here are the top five reasons why families in don’t have tornado shelters -- After violent storms have destroyed homes and business in every state in the USA, one would think more families would have invested in storm shelters for their safety. Each year as communities and new home developments take over more and more of what was rural land, tornadoes...

03 Jun
Storm Warriors on ABC in Lubbock, TX

The Storm Warriors rolled into Lubbock Wednesday and spoke with EverythingLubbock.com about their suggestions for South Plains residents this storm season. ...

17 May
Storm Warriors track severe weather, offer safety tips

By RUSSELL ANGLIN russell.anglin@amarillo.com As the threat of severe weather loomed over the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, a team of storm chasers stood by, anticipating the worst. “To think that it’s not going to happen here or it’s not going to happen to me is the biggest misconception,” said longtime storm chaser Bill Ford, who brought his family-based Storm Warriors team north of...

20 Apr
Storm chasing family offers support, early detection

By Lance Winter lwinter@star-telegram.com   “Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.” No one knows who made that remark, but its caution resonates no where more loudly than in the community of storm chasing. One such warrior in the fight is Parker County's Bill Ford of Storm Warriors. Ford said his passion for storm chasing began while attending college in Wichita, Kansas. “I drove under my...

20 Apr
Storm Warriors™ featured on Eye Opener CW33

Severe weather events, like tornadoes, are dangerous and frightening, but that doesn't stop Bill Ford, his family and the rest of the Storm Warriors from driving straight towards them. No, they're not crazy -- they're trying to learn as much about these forces of nature as possible, all so we can save lives when these devastating storms do hit. Accompanied by...

08 Apr
Search & Rescue Puppy’s Name Announced – Meet Rayne!

Meet Rayne! Her name means "Ray of Hope." Thanks to Facebook follower Anita Campbell for the name suggestion! We announced the name this morning on ABC's Good Morning Texas. Rayne and her handler will do Search and Rescue training for the next 2 years to get her prepared to help us out in the field! She will have regular blog...

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