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12 Dec
StormWarrriors Manifesto

It is certain everyone will experience some type of storm, but few know what to do when they hit. Storms...

19 Sep
RE/MAX Responds to Hurricane Harvey

  As a full-time real estate agent for RE/MAX Trinity I make my living helping people accomplish their real estate goals....

16 Sep
All the Way from Scottsdale

So many supplies and provisions were donated to help the families affected by Hurricane Harvey: none were more precious than...

06 Sep
They Have a Name

You have heard the name Harvey thousands of times over the past couple of weeks and will, no doubt always...

29 Aug
What Do You Need?

The blank look that met me through the rolled down window of an SUV that looked like it had been...

26 Mar
Let’s Talk about the Weather

One of the most benign topics of conversation is the weather.  Weather is also the least threatening type of conversation....

23 Jan
“Make No Little Plans Here”

When I first visited Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, I was captivated by many things that I still cherish today....

11 Oct
It’s Coming Right Us!

Typically, a tornado touches ground for just a few minutes or a few miles with devastating results. Occasionally, a funnel...

12 Sep
Avoiding the Storms

We are storm chasers, but with a greater purpose. Bill and I and the team enjoy the hunt of locating...

24 Jun
Have You Ever Seen A Thunderstorm Spin?

Have you ever heard the term a "rotating" supercell thunderstorm? All tornadic supercells will rotate, but not all rotating supercells produce...

03 Jun
Storm Warriors on ABC in Lubbock, TX

The Storm Warriors rolled into Lubbock Wednesday and spoke with EverythingLubbock.com about their suggestions for South Plains residents this storm...

Shelf cloud near Dodge City, KS 5/26/16 photographed by Mike Prendergast
02 Jun
Epic Kansas Shelf Cloud

[caption id="attachment_16331" align="alignright" width="300"] The Storm Warrior truck ahead of the shelf cloud. Pictured is Mike Casey (passenger seat) and...

07 May
Motherhood and Storm Chasing

What does motherhood and storm chasing have in common?   You learn to predict storms and decide which ones merit warning.   In the...

04 May
Perspective in the Storm

Recently my daughter, Cori, was coaching a young man, let’s call him Chris, about how to interpret the weather radar...

02 May
Where was God?

[caption id="attachment_16277" align="alignright" width="300"] Ray Baughman embraces family shortly after his home was destroyed by a tornado that left a...

28 Apr
Weathering the Storms of Life

It was 2:00am and all was quiet.  Suddenly, roaring winds began to toss the cushions of our patio furniture and...

23 Apr
Storms are Coming – Be Ready!

More than 10 million people are in the path of this potentially huge outbreak. Know Where to GO!™ -...

16 Apr
Call for Alarm

Being married to a storm chaser makes life interesting. Add three small children and an Easter play to get ready...

14 Apr
Bill Ford Story

Bill Ford's life took a dramatic turn in May of 1999 when he witnessed the devastation of an EF 5...

11 Apr
Enhanced Risk

Notice in the image that the enhanced risk area had the potential to impact almost 10 million people! On December 26,...

08 Apr
Meet Rayne!

Meet Rayne! Her name means "Ray of Hope." Thanks to Facebook follower Anita Campbell for the name suggestion! We announced...

07 Apr
Storm Warriors on GMT

Bill Ford, Cori Ford, Mike Casey, Mike Prendergast and our search and rescue puppy were featured guests on ABC's Good...

07 Apr
Storm Warriors on CBS Channel 11

Bill Ford, Cori Ford, Mike Casey and our search and rescue puppy were featured guests on CBS 11, Dallas Texas....

damage-glenn heights
28 Mar
Rita Rescue

In September of 2005 when I was 10 years old, Rita, a category 5 hurricane, devastated the gulf of Mexico...

26 Mar
Too Close To Home

The day after Christmas is supposed to be a time for family celebrations, not tornadoes.  A warm, moist 82° day...

Granbury Tornado
24 Mar
Granbury Tornado 2013

On the night of May 15th, 2013, a large wedge tornado swept through the town of Granbury, Texas, wreaking havoc...

wyoming supercell
24 Mar
Wyoming Supercell

June 16, 2015 - Lingle, Wyoming Not a tree to be found for what seemed like hundreds of miles to obstruct...

February Tornadoes

You wouldn’t think February would be a big tornado month.  But I have chased 2 EF4 tornadoes in the month...

Tornado Safety Tips

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