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12 Feb
Overcoming the Top Five Reasons for not Purchasing a Storm Shelter

Here are the top five reasons why families in don’t have tornado shelters -- After violent storms have destroyed homes and business in every state in the USA, one would think more families would have invested in storm shelters for their safety. Each year as communities and new home developments take over more and more of what was rural land, tornadoes...

16 Sep
All the Way from Scottsdale

So many supplies and provisions were donated to help the families affected by Hurricane Harvey: none were more precious than these two pallets delivered in person by a widow who drove sixteen hours on her own to ensure her gift was delivered. Here is the story as told by Stacie Webb, the one blessed to be at the church when...

06 Sep
They Have a Name

You have heard the name Harvey thousands of times over the past couple of weeks and will, no doubt always attribute devastation and wreckage to that name from now on. Let me give you a few other names to remember; names that have become synonymous with hope, joy, peace, and restoration.   Her name is Connie. In the middle of the confusion...

29 Aug
What Do You Need?

The blank look that met me through the rolled down window of an SUV that looked like it had been through the Demolition Rally at the county fair struck me with hurricane force. As this young mother pulled into the lane where we were dispensing toiletries...

26 Mar
Let’s Talk about the Weather

One of the most benign topics of conversation is the weather.  Weather is also the least threatening type of conversation.  You can discuss weather with a complete stranger or even someone with whom you are in a disagreement and there is no offense. While the StormWarriors are staging for severe weather events, we find ourselves in the parking lot of...

11 Oct
It’s Coming Right Us!

Typically, a tornado touches ground for just a few minutes or a few miles with devastating results. Occasionally, a funnel becomes a tornado and sets down, and then remains on the ground for an extended period of time and covers many miles. These twisters are known as long- track tornadoes and occur once or twice every storm season. The impact...

12 Sep
Avoiding the Storms

We are storm chasers, but with a greater purpose. Bill and I and the team enjoy the hunt of locating the target town of where the storms might become the strongest and being ready to help. It all starts days in advance with forecasting and watching the weather models indicating our destination and time of deployment. We have chased violent...

07 May
Motherhood and Storm Chasing

What does motherhood and storm chasing have in common?   You learn to predict storms and decide which ones merit warning.   In the beginning of our relationship, Bill and I spent many hours on the roadways of western Oklahoma and north Texas chasing storms. The only technology we had was a weather scanner radio but Bill had an innate sense of how to...

04 May
Perspective in the Storm

Recently my daughter, Cori, was coaching a young man, let’s call him Chris, about how to interpret the weather radar we use during our storm chasing. He was interested in the wind velocities, direction of the storm, and whether there was a ‘hook’ that meant a tornado was probable. Several hours later I noticed a pensive look on his face....

28 Apr
Weathering the Storms of Life

It was 2:00am and all was quiet.  Suddenly, roaring winds began to toss the cushions of our patio furniture and rain pelted our bedroom window.  As we checked the weather radar we realized a turbulent storm had formed just over our neighborhood and the rotation in the clouds was spelling imminent danger for our home and others.  We woke up...

16 Apr
Call for Alarm

Being married to a storm chaser makes life interesting. Add three small children and an Easter play to get ready for during the Texas tornado season ...

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