16 Sep All the Way from Scottsdale

So many supplies and provisions were donated to help the families affected by Hurricane Harvey: none were more precious than these two pallets delivered in person by a widow who drove sixteen hours on her own to ensure her gift was delivered. Here is the story as told by Stacie Webb, the one blessed to be at the church when Judy arrived…

On the morning of August 31, 2017, I was sitting in my office when a sweet woman named Judy  entered. Judy introduced herself and said she was from Scottsdale, Arizona and was here to deliver some things. I went outside with her to help as she shared her story. She said that her heart went out to all the Hurricane Harvey victims and wanted to do something. She went to the local Walmart in Arizona and loaded up with undergarments, $2,000.00 worth to be exact, as she thought that would be most important to her during a time like this.

I proceeded to ask her about how she was led to New River from Scottsdale, Arizona. She said she wanted to get to Texas but didn’t want to go as far as Dallas and hoped that the Red Cross would receive her donations here in Weatherford. She found herself rolling in town after dark, which she was trying not to do, as she had made rules for herself since her husband passed, like not to drive after dark. She came across the Weatherford Inn on Palo Pinto and Minerals highway and said they were so gracious as she was a little shaken up. She said to me that she sat and cried for about a half an hour. For some reason, I was not clear on, she was not able to deliver her things to the Red Cross and she found herself in the Donut shop right next door to them where someone told her that New River was taking donations this week. She tried to find us and when she looked into it a little more she discovered we were New River Fellowship and found our location on the map. She sweetly said, she was determined to find us. She then could see us across the freeway but could not figure out how to get to us with the construction. She then stopped at the Valero on the corner where someone instructed her we were just up the road. Josh Cox and Cole Forehand helped her unload everything onto two pallets and Joey Willis had arrived as she was telling me some of her stories. Joey stayed as we prayed for her, safe travels and for her sweet heart and persistence. I took her name and address so we could send her a thank you. She wanted to get back on the road so she could get home safely and be able to stop before dark.

Her name is Judy.  She will be remembered by many of us who delivered her gift to Rockport, Texas.

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